Rekindled Ancient Wisdom

Have you ever felt that despite doing so much work on yourself, things are still not falling into place? Do you ever feel that there may be something you’re missing that if you could just find that missing piece, you’d definitely get to where you want to go?

Don’t waste another day not knowing. Why not choose to know what’s holding you back today?

Finally, there’s a way to be able to find what’s unseen, hidden and just out of reach; it’s called Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (RAW). RAW aligns you to who you are and what you really want.

Let your own inner wisdom work with you to create balance and harmony in your life.

When we’re not getting what we want, it’s because we are not in alignment with what we’re asking for. Even though we can still visualise what we’re after, the misalignment creates blockages in our system that stop us from being happy. There are essentially twelve unique parts to who we are and during an RAW balance session, we align all twelve parts in accordance with what we want to achieve. What’s truly unique about a RAW balance session is that it takes into account your past, present and future and multiple other dimensions in one session without each needing to be explored sequentially or individually.

During the session, muscle testing is used to help identify what’s really going on and what may be lodged within your system that’s stopping you from getting what you want. These may be caused by self-sabotage, energy blockages, karmic patterns or past life issues and so the muscle testing is an effective way to help you identify, understand and correct any imbalances.

Rekindled Ancient Wisdom is an energetic balance like no other.

RAW comes from a time many billions of years ago before Atlantis was created and we are blessed to be able to use this powerful balancing system in this modern world. The power of Rekindled Ancient Wisdom lies in its unique set of ancient symbols, scan lists, master energy keys and modes.

A RAW session can be done face to face or via distant healing. A distant healing is performed in exactly the same way as a face to face session however the client is situated in another location. At the conclusion of the session, the client is debriefed as to what was covered. RAW can also be used to balance not just people but most other things such as businesses, relationships, pets, houses and land.

RAW gives you an unprecedented opportunity to balance the past, present and future in a non-invasive way, using your body’s own innate healing energy to move forward into this lifetime as you have always dreamt of doing.

What people are saying:

“I cannot believe how accurate it is!”
“Spot on!”
“I feel so much lighter, it’s like things are clearer now.”