Your Body Talks But Are You Listening?

Do you ever get the sense that your body is trying to tell you something?

Your Body Wants You to Notice

Our bodies are constantly communicating to us through a variety of ways. It may present as physical symptoms, which can cause you aches and pains or perhaps injuries that are just not healing as they should. Your body wants you to notice what’s going on. It’s telling you that something isn’t right.  What if I told you that you had the key to unlock all the information you need to get your body back into alignment? All you need to do is listen…

The Mind Body Connection

The mind/body connection is something that has been known about for years, dating back to ancient times. It’s truly amazing what our mind has the power to do. It’s a great processor and can remember all sorts of information and facts and it can think up all sorts of things.  While we know that the mind can be the ultimate creator, it can’t actually DO anything. This is where your body comes in. It is just as brilliant as the mind. The body is incredibly strong. It can bend and flex itself into all sorts of positions. It also has the power to heal itself through some inbuilt mechanisms. But, just like the mind needs the body, so does the body need the mind. Your body can’t act, without it being told what to do by the mind. Together, the body and mind compliment one another.  Just like the perfect marriage, it mostly works…until it doesn’t.

When the Marriage Falls Apart

Your body can get out of alignment when the mind is giving the body mixed messages.  It may telling the body to get its stuff together, but what is it really telling the body?  During times of crisis , these mixed messages can get jammed and distorted so much so that the body and continues to do what is familiar to it; what it has always done because it’s worked in the past. The communication breaks down and just like in any marriage, when this happens, they both act independently and in isolation. We may think that the body is doing something wrong and start to punish our body to make it “work??? better. The truth is though that it’s not just the body that needs attention, it’s the mind that needs help too. If your mind isn’t healthy and in balance, then it can’t possibly tell the body what it needs to do. The signals need to be clear and in harmony and balance.  So what is the solution?

Body Whispering Session

You can get the body and mind to work cohesively as a team through the use of body whispering sessions. During a body whispering session, we work with the mind/body connection to bring them into alignment, so that you can return back to your best physical self. A body whispering session utilizes a combination of various energy healing tools such as Reiki and Pranic Healing, Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy and Body Anatomy. These ancient healing practices are packaged together in a way that can help you to understand the root of your physical issues, so that both your body and mind can heal. It can be hands on or purely energetic. It will largely depend on what your body specifically needs.

What to expect before the session?

Before the session, I request that my clients fill out an intake form, in which I will ask a series of questions. I want to get a bird’s eye view of your past physical history, any stressors that may have occurred as a result of traumatic situations, etc. This will help me prepare extensively for your session, so that by the time you arrive, we can hit the ground running. The goal is to get us on the same page, so we can get the most out of our time together.

What happens during the session?

During the session, we will briefly discuss the information that has been provided. You will then be asked to lie on the massage table. Depending on the presenting issue, you may be asked to lie on the table fully clothed or you may need to remove some clothing. Don’t worry. I will honour and respect your limitations throughout the session. I will listen to your body through establishing an energetic connection with your feet. Working with your physical body and metaphysical energy, I’ll get a better understanding of how to resolve the issue. Some things I may identify include signals getting mixed up, possible spiritual and mental blockages, or the overuse and tightening of your muscles.

Our bodies and minds were meant to work synergistically with one another. It’s one of the beautiful things about being a human being and it is your birth given right to be able to enjoy that. Imagine how wonderful it is to know we can access this knowledge at will. But just like any successful team, you must learn to communicate if you want to win. Your body is talking.
Are you listening?