Another You

Do you ever find yourself wondering if you ever made the right choice? Imagine if you would find the answer this question. Now you can!

As we move through life, we can get wrapped up in the regret of making the wrong decisions. As a result, we spend large parts of our lives partially paralysed as we replay decisions we think we should or shouldn’t have made.

Decisions like;

What if I’d taken that overseas job instead of staying home?” Or,”What if I’d followed my passion instead of taking a traditional job???? Or
“What if I’d married my childhood sweetheart”?

How would your life look today
if you had made a different choice?

Quantum physics tells us that there are multiple versions of ourselves existing all at once. For example, there’s a version of you with children, a version without children and even a life with 10 children!

So, if all of these versions exist, can we access them? The great news is, in the right setting and with the right guidance you can.

“You don’t have to live through these experiences to be able to gain the wisdom and insight they can offer.”

Mary Lynch

Another YOU is an experiential 2-hour session for anyone who has ever wondered what life would be like if you had made a different choice. Through the session, you can explore the many facets of who you are allowing you to gain insight into the greater wisdom of the choices you have taken and the ones you have yet to take.

“It’s surprising what you see in yourself”

There are so many personal universes available to you, imagine if you took time out of your current life to see yourself from a different perspective. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

“It’s easy when you know what to do and with the right guidance you can”.

Another YOU is a designed to bring clarity, wisdom and closure to the “what if” questions you replay in your life.