In full disclosure, I would like to explain this page.

Prior to creating my website, I had never asked clients for testimonials. However, after the encouragement of good friends I put together the following questions and emailed them to some clients.

1. Why did you come to see me (you can make this as specific or general as you like)
2. What was the result of your visit/s
3. What did you like about your session/sessions?
4. How have you found the experience / how has it changed your life?
5. What would you say to others if they are worried or scared to make a change?

Each one is 100% genuine from people that may be similar to you. I hope by sharing their personal stories that they will encourage you to take the step to transform your own.

Mary Lynch


I had never experienced so many problems at the one time and they were all life changing issues that I could not get out of my head. They were effecting my day to day living even effecting my vocal cords (I was struggling to speak). I had been recommended to Mary to discuss my thoughts and issues.

Meeting with Mary, I was able to talk through my problems and address retrospective issues that were effecting my day to day living (unbeknownst to me). These issues were addressed using many different methods including the very sceptical ‘hypnotherapy???. I made the decision to try ALL of the techniques and found some unbelievable results.

The part I like most is the raw, honesty of the session. You have nowhere to hide and have to be upfront. I went with the intention of wanting to heal; and I walked away with the answers I wanted.

My life has changed considerably because my train of thought has changed. Not just for the specific issues in my life that I was confronted with at the time, but for the general wellbeing of my mental health. Nothing can shake me anymore and if it does, I have the tools to handle all matters.

You are the only one that can make the change. Mary is the one that can lead you down an amazing path to healing and happiness but you must be the one that wants the change.

George, 38, Sales Agent


I came to see Mary because I wanted to regain my confidence in order for me to return to work. Having had children and being a stay at home mum for the previous 4 years I didn’t feel like I had much to offer. Myself worth was pretty low.

Mary not only helped me get my confidence back she opened up a lot more underlying issues that I had buried deep but really needed to address in order for me to move on with my life.

Mary is incredibly easy to talk too. There is no judgement and I felt completely at ease. It really helped me to open up. I also felt relaxed afterward and much more positive about my situation.

I didn’t realise how very sad and depressed I actually was. After the sessions with Mary I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I got a part time job and I got my confidence back. I also feel like I became not only a happier person but also a better wife and mother to my children as I’m much more aware of my thoughts and can control any negative behaviours.

You have nothing to lose but so much to gain. If there are behaviours that you dislike about yourselves or habits that are self destructive you need to take control and do something about it. We all deserve to live happy fulfilling lives.

Marie, 34,  Accounts administrator


Mary is truly gifted in energetic healing. Mary draws on her great knowledge from her many formal teachings and her innate intuition to help you discover peace, true worth and full potential.

Earlier this year Mary took me through 3 sessions of hypnosis to help me with the trauma of my father’s sudden death back in 2014.

Through hypnosis, I was able to go back and really be in the moment and address the things I needed too to help me move forward. Even though each session Mary was guiding me through some hard work I would still walk out of the session feeling renewed, enthusiastic and believing that the life I wanted to live was achievable. With her skill, guidance, and kindness Mary helped me discover – me! I can honestly say working with Mary has been a life changing experience. My load has certainly been lightened and I now feel strong and peaceful in my own skin.

I am still extremely saddened my father died but I am now able to accept the way he died. I have found an inner strength which is enabling me to move forward – well outside my previously restricted comfort zone in both my personal and my professional life. I have happily and willingly taken on tasks that I previously would have been far too nervous and insecure to tackle. I know this is directly related to my work with Mary and her amazing gift to help me move past the trauma and the self-limiting beliefs.

Thank you Mary – you are an amazing woman and healer.



Over a period of years I have seen Mary for a variety of reasons, and she has always been great. Last year I went to see Mary to particularly focus on overeating, and the resulting excess weight. She explained what would be involved over the sessions and it was all structured around me and my progress, as everyone is different. After the first session I immediately began dropping weight and for the first time in my life felt food was not controlling me. I felt completely at peace, eating when I was hungry and stopping when I was full. It was simple. I lost 6kg’s very quickly, and actually also stopped worrying about my weight. I would say to others I was very nervous and worried about confronting my issues, however Mary provides a safe environment, where I felt completely secure and comfortable with her.

Leanne, 43, Administrator


After a wrist trauma and a surgery I required help to deal with subsequent Regional Pain Syndrome that was debilitating physically and mentally. I was on heavy medication to suppress the nerve pain and tenderness associated with the syndrome and with two young children and a full-time job was struggling with the tiring side effects of the medication. I also at 35 didn’t want to be dependent on these drugs forever. It wasn’t an option for me to succumb to the symptoms.

The outcome for me was one best described as life changing. I returned to my active life loving self. The knowledge I had that I couldn’t be dependent on the masking medication was very quickly made into a reality.

I liked the immediate calm I felt in Mary’s presence and care. I felt engaged but not overwhelmed by the experience of her navigating my reasons and roadblocks to letting go of the sensitivity I was experiencing. Added to the immediate relief was a great long term care plan, that gave me the ability to rest and live without the aid of medication.

I am released from the burden of sensitivity and chronic pain. My wish was not to think about the accident or parts of my body affected. The outcome is one of normality and contentment. The two things I was desperately hoping would be my daily life.

The type of care I received was an unfamiliar (to me) area of healing that was a mixture of Mary’s expertise. I was unsure of the path we would take and trusted the plan that Mary suggested. In doing this I was elated with the results and could not express the relief and happiness the experience has brought me. I would say to anyone (and do!) that trying this path is a joy, and leads to opening up your options for healing and wellbeing.

Sarah, 38, Head of Sales NSW


I came to Mary to help get rid of some negativity I’d created in my life.
I felt much calmer after seeing Mary and more focussed on my goals.
I loved Mary’s energy and calmness, and felt totally relaxed and ready for anything afterwards.
The experience changed my life as I now have everything in my life that I was hoping for.
Don’t be afraid to make change. Change is great.

Debbie, 44, NSW


I first went to see Mary to understand and deal with my anxieties, and to try and treat the many health related issues I was facing due to anxiety. From my very first visit I felt like Mary was able to tap into my deep-rooted issues and enabled me to focus on them individually and understand how they each affect me and my wellbeing.

Each session allowed me to deeply relax and focus on the reasons I was feeling so tense and stressed. Mary’s individually tailored treatments specifically focused on whatever seemed to be worrying or affecting me during each session, and I always left feeling like I had achieved so much. Each session gave me a sense of calm and re-focus, and helped me to better deal with any new stresses that would arise.

I have learnt many techniques that have helped me to deal with the everyday pressures we face in the busy lives we lead. I have learnt that most of our problems, both mental and physical can be addressed and balanced when we correct the way we think about them and where we place our focus, along with understanding what our bodies are trying to tell us. Mary has opened my eyes and my mind to a whole new world and a new way of thinking. Nature and the human body can do amazing things as long as we are in tune with them and open to constantly evolving.

No matter whether your problems are physical, emotional or health related, I would highly recommend Mary and her unique treatments. The changes to my life and the people I have recommended to her are immeasurable.

Nick, 32


Why did I first go to see Mary? Well that is easy, I needed my life to change, I needed to find happiness and peace but I knew I could not do it on my own, I needed help, support and guidance.

So Mary was the perfect fit for me.

What I got out of my sessions was freedom! Freedom to change, freedom to be me, freedom to love and accept me, and freedom to be the best person I can be.

The sessions with Mary are an enlightening and positive experience. Mary had an amazing ability to connect with me and together we were able to co-constructed my new way of ‘being’. I particularly liked feeling centred and supported as I dealt with what is important in my life.

My key experiences post my sessions with Mary have been awareness, mindfulness and happiness in my relationships with my nearest and dearest and with myself.

To those of you who may be a little scared and nervous to make this change and shift in your life, don’t be!!!! You deserve to let go of whatever is that is holding you back, you deserve to discover how fabulous you are, and to realise how limitless your life can be.

Thank you Mary you are the greatest!!!

Brigid, 46, Pre-School Teacher, wife and mother of 2 boys.


My name is Chris (45) and I saw Mary to deal with some anxiety issues. Mary was very approachable and open to my experience and provided a safe environment to undergo a three session process to help me remove the anxiousness and guide me through a reprogramming of my unconscious.

The hypnosis was powerful and Mary has a calm and confident approach which lends itself well to this type of modality. I looked forward to the sessions as they really helped ground me and bring me back in contact with myself and the reality of life as it is. As a consequence of the sessions, I have found myself to be much more confident to tackle the challenges that come up. I developed a deeper trust in me and in life and also came to terms with some older issues. I would recommend Mary for anybody seeking guidance, grounding and help with anxiety related issues or any issues that might need a supporting practitioner who truly wants to help.

Chris Lianos