SleepTalk™ for children

Do you want to build positive self esteem for your child? Is your childs’ behaviour concerning you?

Give your child the best start in life.

Give your child a gift that lasts a lifetime

The Goulding SleepTalk™ process is a two minute gift you give your children that lasts a lifetime. The Goulding SleepTalk™ process is easy to learn, takes parents only a few minutes daily at bedtime and it can’t be “done wrong”. It’s absolutely safe, ethical and positive. SleepTalk™ is for people who are looking for a simple, non-intrusive self-esteem and behaviour change process for children that can help parents achieve what they want most – happy children and happy families.

The process is about developing a child’s emotional resilience, the mind’s firewall, which suits children of all ages and can help children who are gifted and talented and those who are challenged and need extra support. It is non intrusive, ethical, safe and the benefits last a lifetime. The Goulding SleepTalk™ process is endorsed by the Medical and Psychological Professions. The process is so easy that you’ll be ready to get started immediately after our first meeting.

Areas SleepTalk™ can assist with

Aggression & Behaviour Management
Stress, fear, Anxiety, Trauma
Education, Study, Concentration
Health issues such as Asthma
Habits such as Bed-wetting, Nail biting, Speech
Nightmares or Terrors
Sibling rivalry
Achieving goals
Autism Spectrum, AD(H)D
Skin or Eating Disorders

What experts say:

The Goulding’s SleepTalk™ for Children process is a sensible, practical and easy to follow method of communicating important messages to a subconscious mind. It is especially useful for effecting changes to Children’s behavior. This book should be read by all parents, educators and health professional and the practice needs to be adopted in the management of all disorders in which the mind plays a significant role.
Professor Ian E Brighthope, MBBS, Dip Ag Sci, FACNEM, FASE, MAIAST

I am a qualified medical practitioner and psychiatrist. I have used the techniques of SleepTalk™ therapy over the last 14 years. I have found it to be very safe and effective. It has many applications including enhancing the self esteem of the child, building confidence to go swimming, or reading aloud in class, or bed wetting etc. I have received very positive feedback from parents of the children who were treated. This is a very useful therapy. It will be a major step forward to have further information about it published.
Dr. Eileen Feeney, MB, BCh, BAO, BA, DCH, FRENZCP

Mary Lynch is an Accredited Goulding SleepTalk™ Consultant please get in contact for more information about SleepTalk™ and how it can benefit your children.