Past Life Regression

Past Life regression therapy is a powerful journey that begins in the womb and transports you into other life times that can help you to understand unexplained patterns or phenomena in your current life that seem to have always been with you.  It may be Patterns that:

Cause you to react the way you do in certain situations.
Cause you to attract the types of people you do.
Cause any chronic pain that seems to linger no matter what treatment you try.
Cause you to maintain certain feelings or beliefs that you just can’t seem to shake.

Past Life regression therapy utilises Hypnotherapy and Hypnoenergetics which is the blending of consciousness, energy and clinical hypnotherapy. It is a powerful model that allows you to understand all of aspects of yourself: physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic.

During a past Lives Regression session, you go back from your current life into the womb state and then into another time, another place, another body and another face. During these transitions you can uncover the purpose of your life, your lessons, karmic debt and the ensuing contracts and agreements that you’ve subsequently carried into your present life and thereby heal them at the source. You may be carrying feelings across many lifetimes with you now or you may even be holding onto certain emotions or energies from the womb. During a session you can connect with your inner self in a way that you may not have thought possible. These valuable insights are truly life changing and how they can be applied to your life today is without limit.