Stop Smoking

Do you want to stop smoking, but find it a little difficult to do on your own? Maybe you’ve tried other methods to stop smoking, but you keep going back to using cigarettes. It’s easy to beat yourself up about it, but what if you’re missing something key to help you stop?

There is A Solution

Sometimes no matter how good our intentions, our unconscious mind can hinder our efforts.  If you’re ready to learn about some techniques that can help you stop smoking once and for all, then read on.

Who’s Choice Is It?

First things first, before you decide to stop smoking, you may want to consider the motivations behind why you want to stop smoking. Ask yourself “do I want to stop smoking, or do I need to” While they both may seem like the same question, they really aren’t. The difference is that when you need to do something, your unconscious mind could interpret it like free will and choice are taken away. You are doing it under duress or under obligation. On one level, you’re agreeing to it. But on another level, there are parts of you that really still want to keep smoking. Under this situation, you cannot effectively become a non-smoker. To truly succeed at being a non-smoker, you have to really want to do it. You need to make being a non-smoker your choice. No one can make you do anything that you don’t want to do. You ultimately have free will and choice in everything that you do, and no one can take that away from you.

Why Do All of My Non-Smoking Attempts Fail?

Only 10 percent of you is conscious of the choices that you make. The rest of the 90 percent is unconscious and is not in your current understanding. This means that the vast majority of what makes you you, is not in your currently awareness. It’s the 90 percent that can prohibit you from moving forward with your non-smoking goals. The 90 percent affects body functions like your breathing and cardiovascular functions, we don’t consciously think about the fact that we’re breathing, our body just naturally does it. But, that 90 percent also governs our habits, programs and emotions.

It’s the unconscious mind’s main job is to keep you safe and alive. What happens at some point is your unconscious mind has connected smoking as a good thing, as something that will keep you safe and alive. So this is why it’s been so hard for you to stop smoking. Consciously you want to stop but unconsciously, you think it’s good for you! No wonder it’s been so difficult. Luckily, there is a way to break through the unconscious barrier and get your unconscious to work with you to become a non smoker. Hypnosis talks directly to the unconscious mind so you can bring the conscious and the unconscious into alignment and become a non smoker.

Quit smoking for life
Quit for good

What Is a Stop Smoking
Session Like?

Before we begin, it’s important for me to fully educate you on what will happen.
Each client fills an intake form, where you will be asked questions about your past smoking history. The intake process serves two purposes. It allows me to prepare before the session, so there are no surprises, but it also allows me to understand what may be going on. In this way, we don’t waste any time. We can hit the ground running and get right into the session, once you arrive.

During the actual session, I will discuss the information that has been provided and we will do some coaching work and when we are in agreement, we will proceed with the hypnosis piece. During hypnosis, you will be asked a series of questions. Throughout the hypnosis session, you will be aware that you are in the room with me. You will always have the choice to follow what I am asking you to do. However, the way to get the best results out of your session is to follow the instructions as best you can and just let yourself go in the world of your unconscious.

What is Hypnosis Like?

You might be wondering what hypnosis feels like. Hypnosis feels different to everyone. But the truth is, we go into hypnosis several times a day. Any time you’ve been in the car and arrived at your destination without consciously realising it, you have been in hypnosis. When you go to the movies and you’re engrossed in the movie, you are in hypnosis. You don’t have to close your eyes to even be in hypnosis.

How many sessions do I need?

This depends on each client. It can be as little as one session or it can also take up to three sessions. For more complex issues, up to three sessions may be required as smoking is often the symptom of something else which needs to be addressed before the habit can be removed. When we are able to address the other things going on the dependency of cigarettes can be easily removed.

How long is the session?

Sessions are up to 2 hours.

How can I expect to feel after the session?

Everyone will process the session differently depending on what was explored during the session.
Some people feel like they never want to smoke again and other people may have the thought that comes and goes easily.

What should I do after the session?

Take some time out for yourself. Don’t book anything immediately after your session so that you have some time to process what occurred during the session. If possible go for a walk along the beach or sit in nature for a while so that you can just be.

Stopping smoking can be a challenge, but it certainly isn’t impossible. Everyday, many people are able to successfully stop smoking so you can too! Figure out your motivation  to stop smoking. You must be fully committed to becoming a non-smoker once and for all. Once, you have made the commitment to yourself, then we can work together to get you on the road to being a non-smoker easily and effectively.

The choice is yours.